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Hii!!! Welcome to my about page, where you can learn about me, the digital guardian of this site, or about the digital grave itself! Click any of the below to be immediately taken to that section! I hope you're doing well, whoever is reading this <3 !!!

digital guardian

I'm Mimi! And well... I'm a lover of many things, though here is a nonexhaustive list for you!

Pink, Vocaloid, KTP (Kill The Past), SEL (Serial Experiments Lain), F&H (Fear and Hunger), cows, angels, coffee, coding, VN's (Visual Novels), fanfic writing/reading, anime, manga, drawing, reading, RPG maker horror games, psychology, osomatsu-san, water, and gaming!

I'm Scottish and currently live in Scotland too! I'm 26, my pronouns are whatever (i don't care), and my friends typically characterise me as: funny, kind, and creative!!!

I like to share a lot of things online (see: my manifesto), so feel free to look at my free to use templates and graphics!!!

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digital grave

The purpose of this site has morphed into something like a digital grave after various different efforts! A small plot of digital land for my online persona to lay in, or something like that anyway :D !!!

I mostly enjoy the thought of having my own little home online, free from the perils of modern day social media. Actually, as of the 16th of July, I deleted my last social media: Tumblr! Isn't that neat? Now I only exist here, in my own little grave... Though, I suppose if you'd like to be less morbid about things, then a museum of me is another way to describe things.

Really, this site is for me to indulge in myself and the things I like. I elaborate upon it more in my manifesto if you're really curious, otherwise, have a nice day!

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