Hello! Whether you are a current friend or a future friend, hi! This page contains all of my friends and where to find them, because I love my friends and love to support them!

Please do check them out, I (and I'm sure they!) would appreciate it! I'm so happy to have so many friends :D!


My younger brother! They're so talented with so many things and I think we balance each other really well creatively. I am a very proud big sister when I speak about them, and I'm very very proud of all that they are and do!

They're very smart with a lot of things, but if I had to choose some they'd be... Music, programming, and politics! I rely on them a lot for informed opinions and help regarding coding. I'm very happy to be able to call myself their big sister!

Links to check out: Website


He is my best IRL friend! To be honest... When I first met him I was really intimidated! It took me a few years to fully warm up to him, but behind all the jokes he's a really good and honest guy! Very kind and really genuine, I really appreciate his company and love when we get coffee together so that we can gossip!

He's really into films and old grandpa clothes. Like a boomer. I like that he listens to me rambling and offers a lot of advice when I need it! He knows a lot and I'm always thankful for his input!

Links to check out: Website / Letterboxd


My best online friend! We met through SDV fanfiction, and even though we've both left that scene now, we still remain super best friends to this day! Actually, we're more like sisters I think... That's how close we are! We're like twins in every respect except food LOL.

Sushi is so skilled when it comes to art. I'm in constant awe at her work and really look up to her creatively. She's an inspiration to me, honestly, and I'm always rooting for her! I'm so happy to be such good friends with my twin :D!!

Links to check out: Website / [What makes Sushi laugh]


We met through forced proximity in high school, and though I'm sure neither of us would class our relationship as the closest in the world, I know I can still rely on Jack whenever I may need! He's so very smart and has consistently helped me throughout the years with many things, though mostly PC related! I'm always impressed to hear about the things he's achieved!!

Jack is my autistic robot friend (affectionate). I like how honest and straight forward he is and that he's always patient with me and my own autistic issues!

Links to check out: Website


Me and Bunny have been friends for so long that I forgot how we even met... But that doesn't mean I love her any less! Bunny is crass, funny, and genuinely very loving. I always enjoy chatting with bunny and she's been so helpful to me over our friendship span!

I love Bunny's humour so much! She always makes me smile and I appreciate her company so much. She's such a good storyteller too! I love watching her video content and streams and I highly recommend checking her out!

Links to check out: Twitch / Tumblr / Youtube


I've been friends with Ophie for so long too that I don't remember how we met, which I think really fits Ophie LOL. What I mean by that is that she's like a cryptid... In the cutest way possible! My eldritch angel bestie, she's so incredibly talented at coding and art and I really look up to her! She makes such creative and impressive works regardless of the medium!!

I'm always excited when I see Ophie typing! I feel like she understands me on a level different from most... Like on a level not related to reality. Do you get it? Ophie probably does!

Links to check out: Website (warning: flashing, eyestrain)


Ava is very intelligent, and that's the very first impression I had of her too. I'm still right! She's so skilled when it comes to coding/programming and I love seeing what new things she's posted online! She also has really well put together and thoughtful opinions and I enjoy chatting with her because of this!!

We bond over games and food a lot! I just think she's so cool... And she knows so much, or at least a lot more than me, and I think that's amazing! She impresses me a lot with her projects, and she's always so kind and humble too!

Links to check out: Website


We met through the MelonLand forum and instantly hit it off! We have a lot of similar interests, such as horror, RPG Maker games, Yume Nikki, and online philosophies! I really love their Sudamericat character and their website is SO COOL!!!

Though our friendship is relatively new, I'm happy to have met Sudamericat! They're really thoughtful and put a lot of effort into everything they do and I think that's so neat!

Links to check out: Website