My husband!!!!!! Ever since primary school (aged 5), I've wanted you. I remember that I would tailor my days to you, both in what I did and how I presented myself. Cringe, you may be thinking, but I was just a kid in love! As I always tell you: This is it for me. I've always wanted you, literally since I first saw you, and now that I have you... I'm done! This is me, this is my endgame life. I'm so so so so happy to be able to be yours and to call you mine. 5/3/18 <3

You know that one ACNH and DOOM release date meme? That reminds me of us! Both in aesthetics, and in our general interests. Just two opposite guys in love :D!!!

Despite our differences, I think we work really well together. We're quite literally the ADHD/AUTISM power couple :DD ! I appreciate everything that you do for me to acommodate me, and I love to indulge you in every thing you love. Yes, even your computer mouse obsession... You are also so smart! And before you disagree, no!!! You are! You know so many things, and I love having my own personal google for common sense questions! I really love when you take the time to sit down with me and really go in depth about obscure questions, like when I ask you about language or science.

I love listening to you talk, actually. I'm really realising it now that I'm typing about you. I love just being around you, even if we don't talk: being with you is home. I was asked the other day what home means to me, and among other things, home is when I see you playing your boomer shooters on your PC. Or when I ask you to get me a drink and you sigh heavily before doing it anyway. Or when you wake me up with kisses or tickles. We are family, I guess. I hope you're happy to deal with me forever :D

There was a letter I wrote to you back when we first started dating again, and though I've lost it now, I remember one line in particular. It went something like...

I've tended many gardens in my lifetime, so I'm not afraid about getting my hands dirty.

Really, I think that that's how I love you. Unafraid of the mess, or even loving of it. As per the general wedding vow, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, I will always love you. I always have, really. And I think I always will.

Thank you for loving me too!