Who is Shane?
He is the single most unnatractive and annoying marriage candidate in any game, let alone Stardew Valley. Not only that, but he's boring and unkind. Not a very nice man!

He is just straight up rude to you to begin with and his personality barely gets any better from there. Also, while many of his fans plead: He's relatable! yes... I understand this... But I'm not playing a semi-fantasy farming/dating sim for its roots in reality! I don't wanna deal with his issues when I'm just tryna have fun! Catch me gifting him trash every time I see this man because I hate him so much.

He has the personality of a 2012 tumblr girl who only reblogs pictures of alcohol she can't drink and pizza, except somehow worse. I want to delete him from the game. He is the root of everything I dislike about SDV. He ruined my life.
<-- this is me punching Shane.

The blue chickens aren't worth it babes.

this page exists for comedic effect and inside jokes only.