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My target language is... Gàidhlig! (Scots Gaelic)

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"Alba gu bràth."


9th July 2023 — Welcome! / Fàilte!

Waow! My first ever entry on this page! I wanted to detail a little about what I plan on doing here before fully getting into things, if that's okay. (It has to be, it's my page LOL.)

Anyway, this page serves as a progress log for my language learning journey. As seen to the left, I'm learning Gàidhlig! Why? Well, I live in Scotland and so I think it could be useful to know! Did you know: Most of (if not all) our signage here is in English and Gàidhlig? That, and it would be cool to be able to speak the language that my country used to speak.

I will write notes of the day regarding how study went, and continue using this page even when I grow out of Duolingo. I'll also progressively be writing more and more in Gàidhlig as my study goes on, probably just small snippets about my day or phrases that I've learnt. Hopefully! At some point! I have have full entries here in Gàidhlig! I really need to hammer in my spelling and grammar mostly, so I hope writing here will help!

Tapadh leat agus tha e math a bhith beò !!!