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Yume Nikki is a RPG Maker adventure game created by pseudonymous Japanese developer Kikiyama in 2004.

The player controls a girl named Madotsuki (LOML) and explores her dreams, collecting 24 effects that change her appearance and equipment. Random events also occur throughout the game in the form of cutscenes and unique gameplay sequences.

Gameplay focuses on exploration of the dream world, instead of traditional RPG battles.

Yume Nikki was distributed as freeware on Kikiyama's personal website beginning in June 2004, with updates continuing until 2007. Despite its limited distribution format, it gained a cult following on the Japanese textboard 2channel and later outside of Japan by its fan-made English translation.

Yume Nikki was published on Steam by Playism in 2018. A 3D reboot, Yume Nikki: Dream Diary, was also released the same year. I do not recommend it.

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I don't remember exactly how I came across Yume Nikki, only that I was around 11 years old and in a very dark place in my life. Playing this game through some of the most formative years of my life became an inseparable comfort. One I still hold on to dearly more than a decade later.

Madotsuki is probably my strongest, and longest running comfort character from any media ever. I used to relate to her so much. Nowadays, I'm happy to say that that isn't the case any more, but I'm thankful for the time spent with her (and continued time spent with her) to this day.

Of course, I recommend this game to the moon and back. Check it out if you have some spare cash on steam!

my YN tattoo

designed by: ophie!

warning: flashing and eyestrain in link above

My YN tattoo

I'll forever be happy to keep Madotsuki with me.

You can see some of the in game effects in this tattoo! I love this illustration so much and I'm so ever thankful to my friend for designing such a gift for me.

YN goodies

arrived: 16/6/23

my yume nikki shirt and book (+ extras!!!) came in today and im so so happy... yall.. ive had this shirt on my wishlist for SO LONG, and i finally caved in and got it...!

YN shirt YN shirt YN shirt

isn't the design GORGEOUS? such a sick artstyle and one that i think fits the YN vibes so well! it even came with a COOL holographic poniko sticker ahh!!! i also bought a little yume nikki stationery set!!

YN shirt

it's beyond pretty, and i got so many extras with it too! the sticker sheet and tape included <3

YN shirt YN shirt YN shirt YN shirt

it's designed so BEAUTIFULLY and so in theme with the game, each page within the book consisting of a world from the game! there's even a little uboa at the back, and masada is there too! above is madotsuki's room and poniko's room, but there are so many more pretty pages within this notebook that i even hesitate to use it just so that i can stare at it lovingly forever instead...

if you'd like to buy either item, then here are the links: the shirt + the stationery set !!


YN screenshot YN screenshot YN screenshot YN screenshot


I haven't played many YNFangames, but the two that I remember loving were .flow and Yume 2kki. Both of which, in my experience, were a lot darker than Yume Nikki ever was. However, they're really well executed and I recommend giving them a try if you enjoy Yume Nikki!

YN spinning in a chair!