October 2023

2nd — Updated the index quite a bit! Optimised it as well as adding pixels made by my bestie sushi as well as some stamps made by sushi and myself!

September 2023

22nd — New updates include: removing my cbox for reasons. Also, I made a bearblog account to move my diary/journal to. My old one has been deleted. I explain why I made that choice here if you wanna read.

16th — I have returned. Added some new links to my cool links page!

9th — remade my gamelog page and turned it into a general media manager here.

1st — I added a new page for writing tips!

August 2023

28th — readded status.cafe for ease, i also added backgrounds to my graphics page :D!

26th — posted my new index code to templates!

25th — completely remade my index on a whim. took me like 2 hours.

23rd — remade my friends page finally!

20th — added BG3 to the gamelog :D!

15th — moved the update box to the main section of my index, removed status cafe to replace it with my own miniblog.

6th — added graphics tutorials so everyone can make graphics! yay!

4th — new template posted that i also used for my new index.

3rd — joined some cliques! scroll down my nav to see them!

1st — new gamelog done and posted!

July 2023

26th — i have a tutorial(s) section now :D

23rd — go check out my graphics page if you'd like!

21st — I FINALLY WORK OUT HOW TO DO MOBILE COMPATIBILITY! WAHOO! also created the Kindness Rocks page!

20th — updated my about page, as well as got accepted into the autistic and rpg maker webrings :D

15th — migrated all my assets from tumblr to my site, also added the update box back to the index.

5th — lots of decorative buttons are on my index now! contained in the bottom box!

5th — my manifesto is live. also it's short and easy to read.

5th — i made a minimalistic and easy to view sitemap to view all my pages at a glance.

1st — various minor changes to the index page to make it more uh. stable? consistent? viewable? better? also i added my old index layouts/code to templates!

June 2023

30/06/23 — new index page! NEET edition LOL. 26/06/23 — added a secret page... good luck finding it >:^)

26/06/23 — the friends page has a new look, and I also disabled profile comments on both my sites in an effort to feel more comfortable! you can read about it on my diary!

14/06/23 — added lots of custom emoticons to my cbox! check it out if you wanna leave a comment!!

13/06/23 — i've quickly made a template page :-)

13/06/23 — Charm Bracelet page is up! it's a pixel club, click it to learn how to join!

12/06/23 — my tamanotchi lives! click the red tamagotchi icon on the index to feed them, please <3

08/06/23 — updated my about page, as well as finetuning the cc page.

May 2023

5/29/23 — the diary page has a new link and look!

5/15/23 — changed the index code/look.

5/15/23 — YUME NIKKI PAGE !!! the LOML!!!

5/14/23 — the quiz results page is live.

5/12/23 — on the adopt page, i added adoptables that I made myself!

5/12/23 — added the extras box above this one!

5/12/23 — new adopt page! i'd like to also make my own soon...

5/11/23 — added some new blinkies to the main page!

5/11/23 — the art page is now live! check out my sick drawing skills B-)

5/6/23 — added a dream diary page to document dreams and nightmares.

5/2/23 — Enri made it to the site!

April 2023

4/30/23 — new loves page just dropped! KTP is now live and awaiting your viewing! also, made all the music on my site much quieter LOL.

4/28/23 — created a custom not found page today!

also, added that little status thing from here!

4/27/23 — on the DS page, i added the very first game iframe page! check it out B-)

4/26/23 — whole new DS page is live!

4/25/23 — the love directory has an updated look.

4/23/23 — updated so many pages, mostly the diary. more music + created a sitebutton!

4/22/23 — added a marquee for music & other sites.

4/22/23 — there is now a friend page!

4/22/23 — we now have music!

4/21/23 — added the cbox (awful process).

4/20/23 — changed the homepage look.